In Aram Tanis his work isolation, alienation and standardization are important themes. He also thinks it is important to make people aware and confront them with subjects they often pass by or ignore.


Important motifs in Tanis’ work are the buildings and the urban landscape. They both are a symbol for the anonymity of the contemporary urban environment and the isolation of the people who live in it. It can also be seen as a critique on the mass produced.


Tanis’ work about people, animals or everyday objects refer also to this theme. He wants to show the less attractive side of (family) life. The media inundates us with all kinds of stereotypes. People need to meet a certain standard to be found ‘normal’. One must keep a certain lifestyle, which is ‘accepted’. The media determines what is beautiful and how people judge things. It provides a standardization in society. Tanis wants to show the other side and go beyond the façade.




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De Ateliers (Amsterdam / NL)  

Kaywon, School of Art and Design (Seoul / KR)  

Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam / NL)  




Het Vijfde Seizoen (Den Dolder / NL)  

Guest Studio Louwrien Wijers (Ferwert / NL)  

Stichting IK (Oost-Souburg / NL)  

KiK (Kolderveen / NL)  

Badgast (Scheveningen / NL)  

Argument (Tilburg / NL)  

id11 (Delft / NL)  

Institute for Provocation (Beijing / CN)  

Kunsteyssen (Alkmaar / NL)  

Kunsthuis SYB (Beetsterzwaag / NL) 




Foundation Anna Cornelis

Mondriaan Fund

Mondriaan Fund

Dutch Doc Award Longlist Nomination

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Museum Winterthur Plat(t)form 07 Honourable Mention

Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

GD4ART International Competition Longlist Nomination

Van Bommel Van Dam Award Shortlist Nomination

Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Holland Casino Art Award Shortlist Nomination

Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Foundation of the Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude The Hague



EXHIBITION & FAIR (* Solo / Duo Exhibition)

CBK (Amsterdam / NL)

ARTTRA Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore (Amsterdam / NL) *

C&H Art Space Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore (Amsterdam / NL) *

Corridor Project Space Even My Mom Can Make a Book (Amsterdam / NL)

Cosmos Arles Books (Arles / FR)

Fahrenheit 39 (Ravenna / IT)

FotoGang (Florence / IT)

Kaserne Basel I Never Read (Basel / CH)

Koel310 Urban Landscapes - Sharing Territories (Alkmaar / NL)

LhGWR Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore (The Hague / NL) *


Semblance Here's to Now (Brooklyn / USA)

Stichting IK 5 Years IK (Oost-Souburg / NL)

Het Vijfde Seizoen Parallel Lives (Den Dolder / NL) *

Volkshotel Off The Strip (Amsterdam / NL) *

Watersnoodmuseum Oral History - 1953 (Ouwerkerk / NL)

37PK In My Time (Haarlem / NL)

Apartment Project Even My Mom Can Make a Book (Berlin / DE)

Art Space Wagemans Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore (Beetsterzwaag / NL) *

Cityscapes Gallery Summer in the City 2 (Amsterdam / NL)

Gare de Strasbourg OUTSIDEr (Strasbourg / FR)

Guest Studio Louwrien Wijers Fireflies Ain't Here Anymore (Ferwert / NL) *

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart Even My Mom Can Make a Book (Stuttgart / DE)

Mediamatic Hope Step Japan (Amsterdam / NL)

Misulsegye Gallery Space-In & Space-Out (Seoul / KR)

MoMart Balconism (Amsterdam / NL)

MoMart New Works II (Amsterdam / NL)

De Nederlandsche Bank (Amsterdam / NL)

Nida Art Colony On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Eco Systems (Vilnius / LT)

North Sea Conference Cinema at Sea (The Hague / NL)

OBA I Am Not Doing Anything Until I Feel the Need (Amsterdam / NL)

RAM Foundation Art Streams (Rotterdam / NL)

Tetterode Binding Image II (Amsterdam / NL)

TodaysArt 2014 The Best of Badgast (Scheveningen / NL)

Van Abbe Museum Art, Property of Politics IV (Eindhoven / NL)

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts Amsterdam Blues (Amsterdam / NL) *

Apartment Project Even My Mom Can Make a Book (Istanbul / TR)

Arts and Humanities Institute Gallery (Idaho / USA)

ARTTRA Amsterdam Blues (Amsterdam / NL) *

Badgast Departure Bay (Scheveningen / NL) *

The Commons World Oceans Film Festival (The Hague / NL)

International Filmfestival Cine al Mar (Sante Marta / CO)

KiK Useless Useful Objects Bring Order in the Chaos (Kolderveen / NL) *

De Kring (Amsterdam / NL)

MoMart MoMart Presents All (Amsterdam / NL)

Moscow City Hall Gallery (Idaho / USA)

Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta Undercover (St. Petersburg / RU)

Museum Schiedam Art, Property of Politics II (Schiedam / NL)

MuzyQ Binding Image I (Amsterdam / NL)

RE: Rotterdam Art Fair 2012 (Rotterdam / NL)

Rewire Festival Beginnings Are in the Offing (The Hague / NL)

Satellietgroep Now Wakes the Sea (Batumi / GE)

Satellietgroep Zeespiegel (Scheveningen / NL)

Siemens Sanat Now Wakes the Sea (Istanbul / TR)

Stichting IK Going Back to Where I Used to Stand (Oost-Souburg / NL) *

Stichting IK Where I Am Likely to Find It (Oost-Souburg)

The Twin Falls Center for the Arts (Idaho / USA)

Van Abbe Museum Tricksters Tricked (Eindhoven / NL)

Argument In Between (Tilburg / NL) *

Apartman Projesi Even my mum can make a book (Istanbul / TR)

ARTTRA Blowing Smoke and Seahorses (Amsterdam / NL) *

Caochangdi PhotoSpring - Arles in Beijing (Beijing / CN)

Frontviews Statics and the Movement in Between (Berlin / DE)

Gallery Korea The Beauti:Fool (New York / USA)

Ginza Graphic Gallery TDC Exhibition (Tokyo / JP)

Huis Marseille Photo Book Marathon (Amsterdam / NL)

Incubate Festival Blueprint (Tilburg / NL) *

Kadmium (Delft / NL)

Kunstverein Düsseldorf Blowing Smoke and Seahorses (Düsseldorf / DE) *

Manzara Perspectives Even My Mom Can Make a Book (Istanbul / TR)

MIA fair (Milan / IT)

MK Gallery Deconstruction (Rotterdam / NL) *

Offprint (Paris / FR)

RC de Ruimte Push (Amsterdam / NL)

Timezone 8 - 798 Art District Blowing Smoke and Seahorses (Beijing / CN) *

Vegas Gallery Roulette (London / UK)

Vegas Gallery Stay in the Light (London / UK)

Art Rotterdam (Rotterdam / NL)

ARTTRA Urban Jungle (Amsterdam / NL) *

Coalmine Urban Jungle (Winterthur / CH) *

The F.U.E.L. Collection (Philadelphia / USA)

General Store Print Matters (Sydney / AUS)

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Kunsteyssen (Alkmaar / NL) *

Kunsthuis SYB Impakt (Beetsterzwaag / NL)

Lloyd Hotel Cet Obscur Objet du Désir (Amsterdam / NL) *

Lloyd Hotel Remi (Amsterdam / NL)

MAMA Meatdistrict (Rotterdam / NL)

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MK Gallery Review of a Position (Rotterdam / NL)

Museum Van Bommel Van Dam Van Bommel Van Dam Award (Venlo / NL)

De Oude Kerk (Amsterdam / NL)

Open Screen Short Film Festival (Amsterdam / NL)

Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande (Bologna / IT)

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Photo London (London / UK)

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Year 07 (London / UK)

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XX Multiple Gallery (Rotterdam / NL)




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Jury Member Beeldjagers

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